Partners & Careers

Best-In-Class Partnerships

While leveraging the employee benefits expertise of our affiliates, Medical Risk Solutions also collaborates with first-rate medical teams to operate the health centers at My Health Onsite. For example, our partnership with the University of Central Florida College of Medicine helps us deliver unparalleled medical specialties, primary care and wellness services beyond the standard primary-onsite-care model. The UCF Health partnership offers a Patient-Centered Medical Home, for which patients experience comprehensive and continuous medical care. Learn more about Improving Patient Care.

We also partner with one of the nation’s largest stop-loss carrier firms providing reinsurance with a guaranteed rate cap. Our partners and affiliates remain positioned to help employers implement employee health centers for reducing the cost of healthcare claims under the more expensive fee-for-service model. Learn more about Lowering Health Costs.

Healthcare Careers

In addition to strategic partnerships and affiliates, we strive to staff our health centers with best-in-class care teams, including physicians, nurses, dietitians, exercise physiologists, specialists, and other staff.  Medical professionals are invited to contact us about exciting careers in onsite healthcare.

As forward-thinking solution providers, we are continuously exploring
strategic partnerships and searching for new talent in the healthcare industry.